Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Smart Mobs: Web Mobs about being and living online

Smart Mobs: Web Mobs about being and living online: "Posted by Gerrit Visser at 01:14 PM

From Germany Klaus Heiner Wolf wrote Smartmobs some time ago about Virtual Presence. Today Heiner got in touch again to tell us that he chose in his writings the term Web Mobs instead of the more cumbersome 'Virtual Presence'. But it is still about meeting people on the Web, on any page. Web Mobs comes from the open source Jabber Virtual Presence Project.

Heiner comments. 'One more word: there is much talk about social software, social web and web 2.0. As I see it, the services emering under these terms are a s 'social' ans live web cams have been 'live'. Remember the coffee pot cam. A new image every other quarter of an hour. What they miss is the people. That's where Web Mobs come into play'."


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